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09/14/11 03:59 PM #1    

Joe B Todd, Jr

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06/04/12 09:59 AM #2    

Noel Buffington (Buffington)


My first thought about the 50th high school reunion was: Oh Lord! I’ve never been around so many old people in my whole life! 
But seriously, it fulfilled many of my expectations. There was no pressure, no hormones raging, so it was easy to talk with everyone, even those women who as girls I lusted over mightily. (Don’t you wish you knew to whom I refer?)The big downer was something that occurred before the reunion. Thinking about the no-pressure thing I resolved to talk with the girls I dated way back when I was an out-of-control adolescent suffering from a serious case of arrested personality development. When I went to the reunion website to check them out, to make sure that they were coming, the first one I checked on was no longer with us, the same with the second, the third, the fourth... at which time I stopped my searching. Once more I felt that death stalked my life, which exposes me for the narcissist that I still am - they are the ones who died, yet I can comprehend their loss only in terms of how they affected me. 
On the lighter side I spent the weekend doing something that would have drawn considerable ire, maybe even corporal punishment, from most of the women I know now or knew in Atlanta. That terrible thing I did was stare at women’s chests. The only glasses I could find when I was leaving to go catch my plane was a pair with darkly-shaded lenses and an old prescription, so it became for me one of those damned-if-you do, damned-if-you-don’t situations. Glasses on, glasses off, I had a terrible time reading those stick-on name tags so I could know to whom I was speaking. I wish those women had slapped their name tags on their foreheads to make it easy for me, but I guess that was a little too much to hope for... you think?
Still and all, I had great fun, and it was great seeing and speaking with all those folks after all these years. Thanks to everyone who helped put it all together, especially Ouida and Joe Todd. 

06/07/12 07:06 AM #3    


Ouida Dickinson (Dickinson)


I think the women's nametags just gave you an excuse to look at their chests.  I don't think foreheads are nearly as appealing to guys! 

I hate wearing a nametag and formatting, printing and collating all those nametags for 3 events was a big pain.  Linda Strong Bennett, Marsha Jones Samples and Pat Marshall Coats collated the nametags on the booklets for Friday nite and the nametags aalong with the entree placards for Saturday nite.  A job well done but a painful endeavor.  I'm open to suggest but I've not sure there is a good alternative to nametags at the present time. 

With advancing technology, there could be a substitute for nametags by our 55th.  Perhaps our names will scroll across our foreheads and the odious task of looking at women's chests won't be necessary.  Perhaps we will just send out an ESP signal.  I could go for that solution.  Of course you could plan ahead and pack a good set of glasses for the next reunion.

Perhaps there is a subtle message to you that all your past loves and lusts are no longer with us.  The subtle message could be "I've left you on earth, do something special".  For the recond, I'm glad you are still with us, I hope you will still be with us for the 55th! 

Thank you for the hilarious and insightful forum message.  This is the first chance I've had to use this option.

Hugs Ouida

06/11/12 05:28 PM #4    

Noel Buffington (Buffington)

Watch out, now. I never meant to say that looking at women's chests was odious to ME, it was just that I have spent a lot of time in that brave new world where women say, What are you looking at? My eyes are up HERE!

Hopefully, if and when I come to another reunion, I will have the foresight and the memory to bring with me glasses that will keep me from having to stare... Actually, the worst part was when I had to bend over to get closer to those dang name-tags. Or we will have electronic name tags which will announce in neon the name of the wearer. Name tags that identify the wearer audibly won't be much good because so many of us are already hearing-challenged, and it can only get worse. And I am not singling you out, Ouida - I had less difficulty reading the lips of others than you had reading mine, but then there were very few others who had learned how to speak without moving their lips in order to communicate with clients & co-counsel in courtrooms to avoid being singled out for censure by ill-tempered judges. Come to think of it, they were all ill-tempered.    


07/20/12 07:29 PM #5    


James LeRoy Murphy

Good comments, David and Ouida.  Paula claims she doesn't think this is really a problem for men, and anyway we should only have to look once per person to refresh one's memory.  Maybe we could get little placards on a stick on which to display our nametags.smiley

07/21/12 10:10 AM #6    

Max L Newby

If all you "old" folks would start wearing contacts, you wouldn't have to squint so much.  I can't think of many things I hate more than bi-focal glasses.

As for the reunion, it was great to see so many friends again. Social Media and email helps us to stay in touch and especially the HHS website, but being able see you all in person was good indeed.  

My sincere thanks to Ouida, Joe and the rest of the committee for all they have done to bring all this together.  If I'm around at the 55th, I may just drop in again.

07/27/12 04:51 PM #7    


James Philip Irvine

The subject of female classmates’ chests reminds me of what Joe Van Valkenburgh allegedly said to one of the female honor society members when he saw her wearing her honor society pin over one of her breasts. His comment was: “Didn’t the other one win anything?”

07/22/14 10:44 AM #8    

James Torrey MacIlveen

I remember Carman Griffin (well endowed) gat a sey of falsies at our senior luncheon gag gift presentation


11/15/14 07:38 AM #9    

William Joseph Potter

HI all...

   I don't know about everyone else, but, I LIKE NAMETAGS. Especially when they are stuck to our chests. In the USAF we had them on every day whether we need them or not. Well, maybe on some but when it becomes obvious that gawking is needed to read the tag then there is an extra layer to get through. 

   I look forward to furture reunions where I need to gawk at nametags, AND renew friendships with classmates. This coming year there is going to be the GoldWing annual conference in Huntsville and I am looking forward to being there and seeing friends from HHS in addition to GWRRA stuff. Hope to see y'all soon.


Bill Potter

04/05/20 06:09 PM #10    

Larry B Corthell

I don't remember anything anynore.  Just wanted to say hello to all.

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