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William W Daniel

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02/13/19 05:48 PM #1    

Noel Buffington (Buffington)

Billy Daniel had transferred in from Butler our Senior year when his folks moved. He and I were friendly but never spent much time together away from school. We were lab partners in Chemistry, so we got to talk a lot. Billy was a good guy. That beautiful black 57 Chevy was his baby - at least, he treated the car like it was a baby.  He missed a turn that night and slid the Chevy sideways  into a telephone pole. The crash killed him but barely injured his 3 passengers, The church was overflowing at his funeral - students from both schools were there. His casket was closed. 

About all I can say is that the funeral was not an uplifting occasion. We were all kids, 17-18 years old - we were not supposed to die at that age. I have thought about Billy over the years whenever I had to go to a funeral or when I took note of the date. That date was February 13. So, here's to you, Billy, on this St. Valentine's Day Eve. You missed a lot, both good and bad. Can you believe that happened 57 years ago?

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